Saturday, November 22, 2008

My favorite Baby names

Miss Serinity over at Femininty in a Feminist world posted about her favorite baby names and asked others to do it as well. So here are mine.

1. Elizabeth
2. Felisha Jane
3. John
4. Japheth
5. Caleb
6. Jessica
7. Jana
8. Joshua
9. Kathleen
10. Benjamin

These aren't all ones that I would name my children, but they are ones I like to put in my stories:P
Serinity, I am sorry I didn't put this up sooner, my brother is in the hospital, so I haven't had the time!


  1. Dear Hannah,
    I like the names you picked out. Especially Jana :) Hope you have a Great day! May God bless you. Janalee

  2. I just saw your Nov 20th post. I don't know if you've ever heard of Gianna Jessen, but she was aborted and is alive today. She's got a great story.


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