Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just some of my interesting thoughts. :P

Which way are YOU turning?
A few days ago I was thinking about what I had read on another blog recently. And as I was thinking my sister brought up the fact that in 9 months I can learn how to drive. When she mentioned this suddenly I was turning to the right, off of my Blogger Dashboard, and heading to Miss Serenity’s Blog, thinking about a post I had just read on her blog.
Then I backtracked to my “Blogs I Follow”, and went straight ahead to pay a visit to Miss Jocelyn at A Pondering Heart. Then I was turning left to drop a note to my dear friend Kristy at Misty Kristy Designs.
I thought it was kind of funny how I put the two things together. Now when I am on my blog I think about which way I am turning.

Just a funny happening.

A few months ago a few men in our church sent their papers in to get approved to visit a jail, so they could start a jail ministry. A few days later a lady called our church, and talked to our Pastor. She was wondering if there was a mess up because three of the men’s middle names were “F”. Just “F”. So she thought there was something wrong. Upon asking around it was found that all three men held the same middle name. “F”. Just plain old “F”.


  1. Huh. I wonder why their mothers gave them a one-letter middle name? And why "F"? Interesting. Funny little episode! Thanks for sharing. :)


    PS Oh - and thank you very much for linking me!!

  2. LOL How funny and interesting.

    Miss Jocelyn

  3. What interesting thoughts :)
    Do you plan to learn to drive when you are able?
    You asked in a comment what part of MI I was from. I'm from Thumb area, north of Port Huron.
    I currently live in southeast, coastal NC.
    I will pray for you and your friend
    for your health issues as well.
    Hope you have a great week!


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