Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Likes Coffee?

I noticed my poll was closed today, so I decided to give my answer. I HATE coffee! I like the smell, but NOT the taste!
I guess I will tell you why I did the poll. A few years ago around Christmas time I was standing outside talking with 2 of my friends, and my brother(no, miraculously for MI it wasn't cold, in fact, we weren't wearing coats even!). Some how we got onto the subject of coffee. Well, my brother, and one of my friends like coffee, and the other one and I don't. At the time I was 12, and he was 15, so we added our ages together, and the other 2 added their ages together, 27 and 29. So then, because my friend and I wanted to win, we started adding our familys ages in too. My dad doesn't like coffee, but his does, my mom likes coffee, and so on. Well, no matter who we added, there was always another person for the other side:P
Anyways, that is why I did it! Just for fun.

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