Monday, January 23, 2012

Love without Dissimulation

Let love be without dissimulation.
Abhor that which is evil;
cleave to that which is good.
Romans 12:9


DISSIMULATION, n. L., to make like; like. The act of dissembling; a hiding under a false appearance; a feigning; false pretension; hypocrisy. Dissimulation may be simply concealment of the opinions, sentiments or purpose; but it includes also the assuming of a false or counterfeit appearance which conceals the real opinions or purpose. Dissimulation among statesmen is sometimes regarded as a necessary vice, or as no vice at all.
~from Websters Dictionary

So basically, if we break this definition apart, dissimulation is hypocrisy. It is hiding something, or under something false.

          Don’t be a hypocrite… in other words… love. Don’t love conditionally… that’s hypocritical… love no matter what…

          Jesus didn’t love conditionally. He loved us so much that he actually died for us… He didn’t stop loving his disciples when they betrayed/deserted him.

So… if you are gonna love, do it right… don’t not love people because they are different from you, or because they have done something wrong…

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  1. Hi Hannah!

    Lovely! Simple and impactful!

    Wow! Your sister must be excited to graduate so early!


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