Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peer Pressure...

A lot of people live other peoples lives because of peer
pressure. They wear other peoples clothes… drive other peoples cars… live in
other peoples houses because it’s the thing to do…

Everyone likes to be liked. At least everyone I know that is
in their right mind.
To be liked in todays culture we must dress like our
friends… in all the new fads. We must drive the car that others decide is
ideal. We must live in fancy houses that other people ooh and ahh about…

A few years ago I was just like this… my friends wore
certain things, so I did too. My “best friend” {at the time} wore mostly dark
clothing… dark browns and greens, navy blue etc. So that is what I wore, even
though the colors made{still do} me look horrible. I talked their talk, did
their thing… played their game… lived their life by trying to please them,
instead of living my own life…

When I got right with God, I finally realized that it isn’t
important to change your life around to comply with the guidelines that others
set for us. In fact, many times its just plain wrong. We need to live our lives
solely and completely for God.

God made me the way I am. I can’t change that, even if I
want to, and seriously try. It doesn’t work that way. God made you the person
you are. He didn’t make me you, or you me. He made me- Me. I am who I am.

I am very girly, but at the same time definitely a country
girl. I love my nail polish, shopping, clothes, pink, etc. But I am not afraid
of hard, dirty work. {In fact I enjoy it!} However, I am not all one, like some
people think you have to be.

I am a very outspoken person. Many time that gets me into
trouble, because I don’t think before I speak, but when I do think before I
speak, my outspokenness can be useful. I am not the type of person to hide what
I am thinking. I will speak out if something is wrong. {Well, I’m still working
on speaking out to my peers… that is hard, right?}

At times my friends{so called} have told me that things I
like, and do are wrong… In the past I would have just listened because I was so
worried about them liking me. Not anymore. If they say something is wrong{they
usually go at it with “the BIBLE says”…} then they need to prove it to me, and
not twist SCRIPTURE… Unless they can prove it to me{usually they don’t even
try, cause they can’t…} I don’t worry about it.

GOD is the one I am worried about… Is what I say, what I do,
what I wear, what I look at, what I listen to, pleasing to HIM? Does it glorify
HIM? If Christ were to walk into the room right now, would HE be pleased with
me? This is what I ask myself now, not “Oh, what would so-and-so think about
“blank”?”. Nope, no more of that for me.

I’m gonna be
myself, but more importantly, I’m gonna let GOD tell me who I am!

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