Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Generic Preacher


The most important thing to me,
Is how accepted, I can be.
The truth of God, matters not:
Look at all the friends, I've got.

My friends accept me socially,
This lost world, speaks well of me.
If I should stand for truth today;
All my friends would go away.

I am a man of cloth, you see;
A friend to all, I must be.
To be accepted by the youth;
I must water down the truth.

Leave your Bible on the table;
So I can spin another fable.
Now I can say, that all is well;
And can teach, there is no hell.

Our music leans to rock and roll;
It's hard today to reach a soul.
In this way, we reach the teens;
For the end, justifies the means.

So stand not back, and criticize;
Me for telling, all those lies.
Success comes not, from God's wonders;
But is measured, by our numbers.
Sadly this poem is too true of our "pastors today". They are letting America go down hill, because they will not stand up against the sin of our land!
I am ashamed of the way our country is heading. I am ashamed to be called an American if I will be associated with what our country is now.
I am Proud of my countries heritage. I am proud of what it is founded on. I am proud of the men who have fought so bravely to allow this freedom to be passed on.
THANK YOU to all of you soldiers who have fought for freedom!!
God Bless the Christians who are willing to stand up for HIM!!

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  1. Wow... that's a great poem (that, and the one before it...). Too bad its all too often how many think. :(
    I hope you had a great 4th of July! I will try harder not to be such a 'phantom-reader' around your blog and comment more. :) I do love all your posts!



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